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Speedway Safelist

Safelist Basics:
What Is a Safelist?
Do Safelists Really Work?
How Does The Credit Based Mailer Work?
What Is 1 Credit Worth?
How Can I Earn Credits?
What Is The Ad Rotation System?
How Does The Ad Rotation System (ARS) Work?
Who Can Use The ARS?
What Does It Cost For My Ad To Be Displayed?
What Kind Of Banners Or Ads Can I Display With ARS?
What Is a "Credit Purchase?"
What Is The Difference Between The Membership Levels?
What Is The Advantage Of Upgrading To Diamond?

Solo Ads:
What IS a Solo Ad?
Who Are The Solo Ads Sent To?
When are the Solo Ads Sent?
How Many Solo Ads Are Sent Each Day?
What is the advantage of Solo Ads?
Where Are The Banner And Text Solo Ads Shown?

Safelist Basics:
What is a safelist?
A safelist is a mailing list where all members can send mail to
each other. These emails cannot be considered spam because every member has opted in and comfirmed their email adress. A safelist can be used to advertise websites, business opportunities, etc.

Do safelist Really Work?
Yes, and if you are reading this, then you are a member of one of the best ones!

How does the credit based mailer work?
With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the entire safelist multiple times a day as long as you have credits left. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to.

What is 1 credit worth?
1 credit equals 1 member of the list you can send your ads to.

How can I earn credits?
You can earn credits by referring others to our Safelist and by clicking on special links in emails that you receive from our Safelist as well as from Viewing Traffic Link, HotLINKS and many other Advertising Options available here.

What is the Ad Rotation System?
It is a system that rotates banners, text ads, and HTML ads at the bottom of every page of the safelist.

How does the Ad Rotation System work?
When you add your banner or ad to ARS, It will be put in rotation with the ads of other members and will be randomly displayed on the site every time a page is loaded.

Who can use the ARS?
Every member of the list.

What does it cost for my ad to be displayed?
Depending upon your membership level, it will cost you between 1-10 mailing credits for every ad or banner impression you get.

What is a "Credit Purchase?"
Any Member can purchase extra credits to be used to send emails or to put torward their banner/text ads.
Credit purchases are subject to your membership level restrictions, such as the amount of mailings allowed per day or the level of membership to which regular credit mailings are sent.

What is the difference between the Membership Levels?
The essential differences between the three are the amount of credits included with the membership and whether they can earn dollar commissions for referrals, as well as the amount of credits earned for referrals.  For a complete list, please view the "Compare Membership" page.

What is the advantage of upgrading to Diamond Membership?
Diamond Members receive the most Monthly Ad Credits of all the Membership Levels and can Earn More Credits than any other Membership Level. For a Complete Breakdown of all Membership Levels, please check Compare Memberships.

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Solo Ads:
What IS a Solo Ad?
Solo ads are special advertising that is reserved for you for a pre-determined time or within a special mailing.  SpeedwaySafelist offers several Solo Ad options, such as List Solos, Solos, DailySOLOS, SoloBUCKS and SuperSOLOS.  You can check out each one from the Navigation Menu. 

Who are the Solo Emailings Sent To?
They are sent to the contact email address of all members with the exception of List Solos, which are sent to Members List Email Address.

When are the Solo Emailings Sent?
Upon receipt approval.  All ads must comply with rules.  The mailing may be delayed if there is a question of the URL working and/or if any other vital information is missing.

How many Solo Ads are sent each day?
The Amount of the Various Solos that are sent each day can vary. You can expect to receive anywhere from 5-30 Solos per day.

What is the advantage of Solo Ads?
For the sender, they are a chance to send to the whole list, and gain special attention.  For the receiver, they offer larger amounts of credits for clicking the credit link.

Where are the Banner and Text Solo Ads shown?
The Banner ads are shown at the top of each page, plus in the frame of each clicked-link viewed.
The Text ads are at the top of each email that goes out, for the entire list.

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